• A unique skatepark in the world

    The Skate Church is the place where passion for skateboarding and DIY have reached the sky. Domes, stained glass windows and ramps coexist in an amazing spot to practice what for many is more than a religion, skateboarding.

  • A temple of urban art

    The most important artwork in Okuda San Miguel’s career, and the conquest of a classic scenario by contemporary urban art. Known as Kaos Temple, this project represents a transformation and a turning point in art history. It pretends to open new horizons when it comes to re-think the use of architectural spaces adapted to the culture of our time.

  • An scenario of cultural transformation

    A place where will be carried out cultural activities and that will become a reference for holding innovative proposals.

    A place open to receive proposals for events and projects that share this new vision of our culture and want to take place in an scenario that represents the power of art and sport to change things.

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